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Carved owl

1) We manufacture various stone sculptures such as Figure Sculptures and Stone Animal Statues.
2) All of them are hand-carved out of natural granite and marble.
3) The combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technique makes a miracle, with exquisite carving of the skillful craftsman, pieces of cold and hard stones turn out to be vivid and lifelike artifact enabled to talk.
4) Carved owl is suitable for building garden, patio and square, etc.
5) Welcome to contact us for more.

Professional manufacture and Supplier for Carved owl

1. Chinese supplier for Carved Owl,stone owl supplier,stone owl sculpture ,granite animal sculptures from Magic Stone with cheap price and excellent durability.
2. Professional manufacture for Carved Owl, we have great advantage to manufacture different stone animal sculpture
3. Magic Stone export large amount Carved owl to throughout the world, #pname is produced in both Hui’an, Fujian Province and Jiaxiang, Shandong Province.
4. If you are interested in our exquisite Carving stone Owl, please contact us for more details. We would like to send our best price offer to you.

5. Magic Stone have large stock of garden stone owl for sale. We can provide cheap carving stone owl to you. Contact us for the price list for Carved Owl.

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