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Find Travertine Paver and Wall Cladding in Magic Stone

view:author:Magic Stoneupdate:2013/01/06

Travertine is a type of limestone. Calcium carbonate is its principal constituent. Its distinctive characteristic is the pores or holes that form a pattern across its face. The pores have been formed over time by escaping gases or very hot liquids venting from the interior of the earth to the surface; it is sometimes said that "travertine was once a river bed."

This stone can be finished in a number of ways. It can be left in its natural state that is with a coarse surface with the holes exposed. The surface can be polished, leaving holes open, or the holes can be filled in with either a cementitious or a polyester resin fill. Either can be tinted to match the predominant color in the stone. The polyester resin fill will be shiny when it dries, while the cementitious type will always be dull.
Travertine will vary from almost-white to beige. It can also be found in gold-to-brown tones, and there are gray and red travertine. It is a durable and commonly used material which sees extensive use for floors, walls and table tops.
Magic Stone can supply different travertine wall tiles and travertine pavers, contact us for mor details.