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Limestone - Another good option for fabric your project

view:author:Magic Stoneupdate:2012/12/28

Limestone - Another good option for fabric your project

Limestone Like marble, limestone is made up of calcium carbonate or calcium and magnesium. However, limestone is a sedimentary material formed near the surface of the earth , it has not undergone a change or metamorphosis. Thus it does not have a visible crystalline structure; you can’t see into the stone. It tends to be fine grained.

In color, this stone is generally light beige to a rosy brown. It is commonly given a honed finish. Most limestones do not accept a high polish, although there are some from Germany which will polish very well. The surface of limestone contains a myriad of tiny voids or holes. When the surface is brought up to a highly light reflective stage, these holes are accentuated, making the resulting polish look blotchy.
Limestone has been used for hundreds of years as a building material. Many older buildings are clad in limestone and have very durable flooring made of this sedimentary stone. Limestone is undergoing a revival in popularity and is once again a favored material for floors, walkways, walls and countertops throughout the U.S.
Limestone tends to be porous, although some varieties are much lower in porosity than others. It is susceptible to staining. Sealers and harsh chemicals will greatly affect the look of the stone.

Magic Stone have factory which located near the blue limestone quarry in Shandong province. We can offer limestone tiles and slabs with very cheap price as factory direct pricing. Different processing is available, include: natural cleft, honed, tumbled, steel brush, bush hammered, chiseled, mushroom, sandblast, flamed, rough picked, grooved, etc. Some process by means of which the pieces acquire a weathered look, bring both elegant and pleasing to the eyes. We also can manufacture according your demands and project drawings.