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What is the difference of Marble Stone

view:author:Magic Stoneupdate:2012/12/26

Marble may be a combination of different carbonate materials. Composed primarily of calcium carbonate or calcite, it can also contain calcium and magnesium or dolomite.

This metamorphic stone generally has a consistent background with veins of different colors. There will also be tiny fissures or cracks showing at the surface. If these fissures are open, or appear as a depression in the surface, they will have been filled during the fabrication process. They can also be filled during the restoration process.
Marble is formed in a different way than granite. Marble has never undergone a molten stage. It is a sedimentary material that has been recrystallized under extreme pressure and heat. Marble is basically pressed together; it has never flowed like granite. Over time, earth movements have exerted stresses on the stone. Minerals and other impurities have found their way into the resulting cracks or fissures to produce the veins which we see in marble today.
Marble is available in a wide range of colors. No two pieces are exactly alike. Much of the beauty of marble derived from this tendency toward endless variation.
Marble is quarried in most countries of the world. We have several marble quarries in the U.S., and the stone also can be found throughout the rest of North, Central and South America. It is very common in Italy and Greece, as well as China, Southeast Asia and India.
Although marble is generally given a highly polished surface, it is becoming more popular in the U.S. to use marble with a honed surface. This improves the slip-resistance factor of the stone. Honed finishes are used throughout the world on heavily trafficked floors. This type of finish hides trafficked floors. This type of finishing hides the scratching that shows on a polished surface. This type of stone is more porous than granite. It is also softer, so when it is used in highly polished form, it will show wear sooner. This is a natural occurrence, and the surface can be restored.
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