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What kinds of water feature you should choose

view:author:Magic Stoneupdate:2012/12/02

When designing a water feature for use with functional stepping stones, consider digging holes for the stones themselves and placing them before filling the pond. Using a concrete anchoring method similar to that of a fence post allows for greater stability and reduces the likelihood of the stones shifting over time. Another advantage to setting up the stepping stones before the pond is filled is that it is easier for workers to move the heavy stones without the added obstacle of water.

There is nothing like the appeal of running water in a garden landscape, to quiet the city din, enable us find relief and relaxation in the urban environment. Stone and water combine to create myriad effects of sight and sound and enhance the ambiance of any setting. Whether a dramatic waterfall, babbling brook and peaceful pond, water features are as diverse as our imaginations, but will simply alter your feeling about your landscape forever.

Base on our local abundance stone quarries, Magic Stone produce wide range of granite fountains and stone water features. Include: wall waterfall, tiered garden fountain, stone turtle basin, granite pot waterfall, stone made humidifier, slate table top fountain, cobble rock waterfall, large outdoor fountain, and home décor stone waterfall, etc.