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How to choose stepping stone for your garden

view:author:Magic Stoneupdate:2012/12/02

Are your troubled by choosing the stepping stones for your garden? Which shape of stepping stone you need?  What kinds of stone will be suitable for your garden? How much the price will be? ... Just let Magic Stone help you to slove all questions.

Magic Stone always try best to keep the natural texture and feature of different stone tiles perfectly. Every stone wall panels have been pre-made to normal sizes. So that they are easy for architect or house owner to handle and install on wall facade, fence, pillar surrounding, window & door surrounding, living room, etc. Magic Stone Industry Co., Ltd engages in indoor and outdoor paving and wall stones. Since our wall stone and paving stone are made of natural stone, you can see their natural texture and veins. So, wherever you install the wall tiles or pavers indoor or outdoor, their texture and veins appears excellently. Then house owner's cultured spirit can be indicated.

In terms of using stepping stones, the layout should be spaced according to the average distance between steps of the people most likely to use the garden, which in most residential applications are the gardeners themselves. Another approach, which leads to a better-defined pathway and a more professional landscaped look, is to closely pack a series of stepping stones to create a more tightly knit pathway. For an added touch, use smaller stones to form a border around the larger stones that create the bulk of the path, and fill in any gaps with gravel to prevent weeds from growing up through the cracks and hiding the pathway.

Various peoples from global countries and regions are interested in Magic Stone’s paving and wall cladding tile. We enjoy good reputation in this industry, because of our high technical capabilities, advanced equipment and quality system inspection. Our wall stone tiles and paving tiles are very popular in Western Europe, Northern American, Australia, Asia and Mid-east. Magic Stone also becomes well-known by some people from Mediterranean, Africa and some islands in Pacific Ocean, Caribbean and Indian Ocean.