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Types of Garden Stepping Stones

view:author:Magic Stoneupdate:2012/11/29
  • Stepping stones can also be used as part of a water feature.

There are three main varieties of garden stepping stones, the first being the humble poured-concrete paver. These stones come in either simple square or circular shapes and are sometimes molded into semi-ornate decorative configurations. The second type of garden stepping stone is the handmade glass and concrete, or stone composite, stepper. These composite stones are popular among gardeners looking to customize an existing design. These are inlaid with colored glass and sealed with resin for a safe and decorative walking surface. The last and most difficult to work with are the large boulder-style stones used to traverse water features such as small ponds. These need to be particularly heavy so that they don''t shift under the weight of someone crossing the pond.


  • Using Stepping Stones to Build Other Garden Structures

With a little bit of creative hammer work, garden paver-style stepping stones can be split into blocks for use in other applications. The best stone to use for this application is the square simple concrete molded paver. To break one along the line desired, simply stack one on top of another, with a portion of the top one overhanging the edge. Place a cloth on top of the part overhanging the edge and lean heavily on the counterbalancing end of the paver stone. Gently strike the cloth-covered area with the top edge of a sledgehammer, which should be enough to break the stone smoothly along the overhanging edge, creating a rectangular concrete block. By using a number of these blocks, a gardener can construct a terrace or border for flowerbeds, a design which is both decorative and extremely durable.

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