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Sandstone Paving from Magic Stone

view:author:Magic Stoneupdate:2012/11/29

Sandstone Paving From Magic Stone

A fine quality natural stone, hand picked to provide an attractive, durable, riven texture in a variety of beautiful colour variations.

Our extensive collection of premium sandstone paving has been developed to accommodate the growing demand for inspirational natural stone. The collection of Magic Stone includes circles, stepping stones, bullnosed flags and a stylish octagon feature, perfect for creating an attractive sun trap! In addition, the broad selection of sandstone edgings is the ideal finishing touch for any pathway or paved area.

If you want a garden feature quite unlike any other, Natural Sandstone is the solution.

Every individual sandstone slab is unique, distinguished by innumerable tonal variations and enhanced by the differing riven profiles of each stone.

With seven natural shades, and available as circles, a patio feature kit, setts, an octagon and random stepping stones, Natural Sandstone offers a wealth of design possibilities.

Magic Stone
can supply sandstone with different color options, the most popular color we supply, include: brown, yellow, red, gray, pink, beige and multicolor. We also export sandstone blocks with cheap price. Base on the abundant local resource in china, Magic Stone can provide very competitive price of sandstone paving.