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Granite Garden Fountains

view:author:Magic Stoneupdate:2012/11/28

Granite Garden Fountains

granite garden fountain can be a Zen oasis with bamboo and river rock. A small rectangle of plastic-lined yard or garden covered evenly with large, smooth river rocks is the catchment for the water, funneling it invisibly to a recycling pump. At one end, a pile of carefully selected and varied large stones and small boulders is planted with a few grasses and green plants. Plain copper pipes, standing between eighteen to thirty-six inches tall, deliver water to horizontal "spouts" of hollow bamboo stems. This arrangement is the fountain that pours two or three streams of water from the bamboo tubes down over the bed of river rocks. Several containers of bamboo plants form a miniature grove. A simple stone bench near the planted rock stone water fountain area provides a seat for contemplation.

Base on the local abundance stone quarries, MAGIC STONE produce wide range of granite fountains and stone water features. Include: wall waterfall, tiered garden fountain, stone turtle basin, granite pot waterfall, stone made humidifier, slate table top fountain, cobble rock waterfall, large outdoor fountain, and home décor stone waterfall, etc