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Granite Stone Waterfall

view:author:Magic Stoneupdate:2012/11/27


Falling water and rocks are natural companions. A stone garden with a waterfall can be as elaborate or minimal as your yard permits.

The basic design is water pumped upward to fall over rocks. But, going beyond simple physics, there are a number of ways to design the waterfall. It can stream up through a scattering of rocks and slide over the rock garden's stones to vanish under them. The water can fall in slender ribbons over rocks and down into a shallow pool. A series of slate "steps" will allow water to fall from level to level before reaching a pool or stream. A very high precipice of boulders and a strong pump will shoot water out and down like a miniature Niagara. To mimic nature, the largest boulders or rocks are usually at the head of the waterfall with stones scattered along the stream bed or edge of the pool. Some of those boulders can actually be planters with grooves and pockets for vines or flowering ground cover to grow from them.

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