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Stone Garden Water Features

view:author:Magic Stoneupdate:2012/11/27

Stone Garden Water Features

By Benna Crawford

Benna Crawford has been a journalist and New York-based freelance writer since 1997. Her work has appeared in "The New York Times," "The Washington Post," "The Miami Herald," on CBS, CNN, ABC and in professional journals, trade publications and blogs. Crawford is a certified Prana Yoga instructor, currently studying green nutrition.

A stone garden with water features represents a feast of possibilities. It might be a Noguchi-style Zen exercise in spareness at the edge of a still pool. Or perhaps a scattering of rocks with flowers peeking over the edges of the stones and water burbling up between rocks and over them. Water can be a pond, a fountain or a waterfall, and all are as musical against arranged stones as they are in nature.



A small rock garden edging a jewel-sized artificial pond works in a front entry or a backyard. The pond can be a simple as a child's wading pool sunk into the ground, bordered with a jumble of piled and overhanging rocks and ground cover. Check with your local nursery to identify the most resilient plants for your area. A pump to aerate the water will help to keep the pond clean and a few water plants will add interest and discourage algae blooms. A Koi pond is larger, deeper and more complex to maintain, although it is beautiful surrounded by flat rocks and low boulders with plants growing from the crevices. A natural pond on the property is ready-made for a stone garden that will add interest to a corner of the pond and focus the eye. Larger stones, boulders and a few tall plants, such as a border of bamboo or a small evergreen conifer like Dwarf Balsam Fir, will balance the expanse of water. If the area gets some afternoon shade, Himalayan Blue Poppies are arresting blooms that grow tall enough to be seen. Welsh poppies are smaller and yellow, but just as colorful and easier to grow.


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