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Garden Ornaments & Accent Stones

view:author:Magic Stoneupdate:2012/11/21

Garden Ornaments & Accent Stones

Reward your hard work and planning by complimenting your landscape design with one Magic Stone's hand-crafted benches, bird baths, landscape boulders and /or garden ornaments. Our sturdy benches offer a place to relax as you enjoy the beauty of your yard. Our versatile bird baths come in a various heights, to attract all your winged friends. Our garden ornaments will provide you with years of enjoyment. Our landscape boulders will make a great accent or centerpiece for your landscape. With several colors and sizes, MAGIC STONE have the right piece to fit your area perfectly, at a great price.

Granite has been used for centuries as a building material because of its durability and classic beauty. For exterior use it is virtually maintenance free and compliments any décor. Both new homes and older properties benefit from granite's timeless appeal.

An elegant alternative to precast concrete stairs, granite steps and landings will add value to your home...Cobble stones are used as a paving material for walkways, paths and driveways or to accent hardscapes and gardens. Custom order granite for municipal /commercial properties, monuments, and signs. Recently supplied projects include college buildings, war memorials and restoration work.
MAGIC STONE carries an extensive line of granite products for landscaping and building applications: