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China Stone Owl

view:author:Magic Stoneupdate:2012/11/13

Magic natural stone welcome you to our http://www.magicchina stonesculpture.com/ displaying our new small natural stone sculpture.
These collectable natural stone owls are made from naturally occurring Granite cobbles, which give a range of shapes, colours and textures, making each and every owl unique.

The china stone carved Owls are made by skilled china stone artisans who mark out the cobbles before polishing, cutting and finally inlaying the stone granite eyes. Being completely natural, they have found many uses around the home and garden,Magic natural stone Limestone, being used as ornaments, both indoors and outdoors,Magic natural stone Limestone. Indoors they are often found comfortable perches on mantel peices, fire places and windowsills as delightfully decorative items. They aso seem to have their practical uses as paper weights and door-stops. Often people start with a single owl but soon have collected a whole a family,Magic china stone Limestone.