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Beautiful Natural Stone Water Feature

view:author:Magic Stoneupdate:2012/10/25

Beautiful Natural Stone Water Feature for modern gardens and landscaped areas.  If you prefer the look of natural stone rather than resin then the Natural Stone Collection from China Magic stone is the perfect choice.

Finished in a rainbow effect. This product comes in 2 sizes, so be sure to specify which size you would like upon purchase.
The water comes from the top of this open topped sphere, before cascading down the textured sides of the feature.
 Natural Stone Water Feature will be delivered to your home address at a kerb side or hard standing area by pallet truck.  We cannot be held responsible for any agreement you may reach with the driver for this to be moved elsewhere. If the delivery point is unsafe or unsuitable to unload we reserve the right to deliver to another location as agreed with you and at your cost.  It is very rare that this might happen but we need to make you aware.

Base on our local abundance stone quarries, we produce wide range of granite fountains and stone water features.Include: wall waterfall, tiered garden fountain, stone turtle basin, granite pot waterfall, stone made humidifier, slatetable top fountain, cobble rock waterfall, large outdoor fountain, and home décor stone waterfall, etc.