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The Appreciation of the Bluestone Sculpture

view:author:Magic Stoneupdate:2012/10/21

the Bluestone Sculpture

Bluestone Sculpture is known as "Embroidery on Green Blanket", which is a plastic art with ingenious combination. First of all, it should be based on the nature, caver by the carvers and stone material itself, try to keep the form of stone material and natural verve, melt the natural beauty and artistic beauty in one. Secondly, according to the texture, color, shape, etc. of to determine the theme that you would like to express, it usually set the scenery, character, animal, flowers and plants as the major content, draft out the corresponding design and form, and carve out the basic arts and crafts, the key of this process is lies in the accurate grasp of engraver for the bluestone, as well as owns the rich imagination. After the basic rudiment coming out, the engraver carved for each local sculpture with all kinds of carvings and techniques, so that it enables to achieve the lifelike, vivid effect. When it is carved, what cultured is the level of attainment, the heart, eye, hand should all in one, so that the strength of carving is proper, which could make the style of different stone sculpture arts and crafts be different and unique charm.

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