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Cleaning the Water Fountain

view:author:Magic Stoneupdate:2012/10/21

Tips for Cleaning the Water Fountain

A new water fountain is beautiful and dramatic, but it also needs the regular cleaning, otherwise, its beauty will lose with the time fade, especially for the outdoor fountain, it may require cleaning as often as once a month or even more, for that they have to undergo the wind, rain and sun. Thus, here we would like to share the cleaning tips with you.

There are totally three processes for cleaning the fountain: the water fountain surface, the water, and the pump.
For the surface of the fountain, your cleaning routine should be based on what's appropriate for your water fountain's material. For example, a copper outdoor fountain will have a special finish to prevent surface damage, but household furniture polish and a soft cloth would help it to look its best. With slate outdoor fountains, use a scouring pad on wet stone to remove any mineral buildup. Products like CLR can also be used if calcium deposits have formed on your water fountain. Read the cleaning and care information that comes with your water fountain for more detailed instructions.

For the part of water, one of the most effective ways of keeping your water fountain clean, be it an indoor floor fountain or a solar water fountain in your garden, is to use distilled water instead of tap water. This will help keep mineral deposits from building up on its surface or in its tubes and pump. With large water fountains, regular use of a non-toxic water clarifier may be a more practical choice than distilled water. Keeping your water fountain running at all times helps prevent mineral buildup; it's also better for the water fountain pump. Constantly moving water helps keep mosquitoes away from an outdoor or solar water fountain as well.

Ultimately is the pump. A constantly submerged water fountain pump is much more durable and effective. Maintain your water fountain's water level to protect your pump from overheating and sludge buildup. However, even a well-cared for water fountain pump will need to be cleaned regularly. To clean your water fountain pump, unplug it and scrub it gently with a wet cloth. Soak the water fountain pump in vinegar to eliminate tough stains. Next, remove the cover and pull out the impeller. Remove any debris that's on the impeller or inside the fountain pump shaft, and replace the impeller and cover.

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