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Stone Carved Garden Sculptures

view:author:Magic Stoneupdate:2012/09/27

Stone Carved Garden Sculptures

People love garden sculptures that are carved by hand, and many people try to learn stone carving with the desired effect of carving their own outdoor sculpture for their home environment.

Oamaru stone is a great medium to use, the blocks are large and easy to carve and the finished sculptures look absolutely fantastic in a garden setting.

The theme of the carving is limitless when you are working on such a large scale. For some people, having sculptural art in their personal environment is a way to surround themselves with subjects that are important to them as they can relate to their personal beliefs, their religion or share a passion for their family and pets.
Sculpting stone is a very therapeutic thing to do and a finished sculpture placed in its intended location can also have a therapeutic effect for the viewer.
Other outdoor sculptures are more related to environments for the community like the one above. A good example was a commission I worked on for the people of Packe Street Park. They wanted a sculpture that is connected to their environment and that also was able to be used as a bird bath.


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