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Abstract Sculpture

view:author:Magic Stoneupdate:2012/09/27

Abstract Sculpture

Abstract sculpture can be very difficult to do but it is also a very satisfying way of shaping stone

It gives you the freedom to create using expression of ideas at a subconscious level. This makes it very personal and unique and the result can be an aesthetically pleasing fine piece of sculptural art.The artist also needs a good understanding of composition and form. This can be difficult to teach because it requires the students to move into a different realm of thinking which includes releasing clutter in their mind to allow ideas to come.
The student then has to confidently visualise and sculpt their work at the same time until completion.
By not having to conform to traditional styles gives the artist the freedom to work with different textures and the effects of light and shadow upon the art work.

Here is some of the latest work by the advanced students in the abstract sculptures gallery

stone animal
garden sculpture carved stone animal carving stone animal