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Tips on carving different stones

view:author:Magic Stoneupdate:2012/09/27
One of the things that make it beautiful is the fault lines in it. This also makes it a stone that's easy to fracture. Before starting on a piece or shortly after you have it roughed out, wet the stone and locate these lines. They will appear as boundaries between different colors or as changes it the texture of the stone itself. Once you locate these, treat them gently. Carve with the grain instead of against them. This keeps you from actually knocking them apart. If the texture of the stone looks different (like crystals in the stone) you can bet it won't take much to break it, so you can go to grinders, files or whatever just so long as there is no impact on it. Next, you might use a different chisel. I have found that on alabaster a thin two-toothed claw chisel works best. Why? Simply because the force of the impact is concentrated on a very small area and with less stone to remove and with more force being imparted to it, the force will dissipate in the removed stone instead of being transferred to the main body of the stone where it causes vibrations that will weaken it.

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That's the million dollar question. There are a number of ways. I took an art class in college and there was an art student that had finished a piece in stone. It was so beautiful that I had to try it. I brought a stone from the instructor and with tools that he lent me, I headed home. Two months later (I had to work in private as it was a mother's day gift for my wife) Mother and Child Reunion was born and I became a stone addict.