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Stone Carving

view:author:Magic Stoneupdate:2012/09/27

Stone carving is an enjoyable and relaxing way to create a piece of sculpture art. Begin by creating a simple stone sculpture and advance to being able to produce your own original piece such as a garden sculpture.

With my years of experience in stone carving I am looking forward to sharing what I know with you so that you can also enjoy the fun of creating in limestone and other natural materials.
http://www.magicstonesculpture.com/  will be where I will share information about the how, where and why of creating with this medium. How to get started, how to carve stone, where to work, where to purchase tools and why it is so satisfying to sculpt.

Many of the students I have worked with have gifted their creations for birthdays and other celebrations and enjoyed the response from the person who received it. Imagine the pleasure of your family and friends if you present them with your original natural stone sculpture!!!

Kinds of stone to carve
From the softest to the hardest;
1)Soapstone Available in many different colors and textures. Polishes to a smooth finish and scratches leave a white mark which makes it easy to texture.

2)Alabaster-I recommend this as a starting stone both because it is easy to carve and because it is extremely beautiful. It can bruise, but it's worth the trouble. This stone is stunning in its beauty with colors like green, red, white, gold, cream and just about everything in between. It often has internal grains that add to the beauty but increases the breakage factor.

3)Limestone (Oolitic from central Indiana is very good) This stone does not polish well but is one of the best stones for showing details carved into it, one of my favorites.

4)Marble (Colorado or Italian Carrara are two of the easiest to work with) I believe that every stone sculptor wants to try this stone at least once, to experience the stone of the masters. Its well worth the work involved to shape it but it does help to have a good set of tools since it is a harder stone.

5)Granite Good luck, needs specialized power tools and a lot of sweat, (recommended only for advanced carvers). There are others but these are the most common and useful.