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Buddhist Statue

view:author:Magic Stoneupdate:2012/07/09

Buddhist Statue

The Buddhist statue is an improtant part of ancient Chinese sculpture with rich and diversified design art. In about the period between the Western and Eastern Han Dynasties, Buddhism began to be introduced into China.

According to literature records, Buddhist statues were probably introduced at the same time. When Buddhism was first introduced from India, the Buddhist statues were mostly the image of that of the Greeks, featuring high nose, deep eyes, curly hair and upturned mustache. During the Northern Wei Dyansty, they were gradually localized. After the reform of Emperor Xiaowen of Wei, the Buddhist statues possessed mostly the face of the Chinese. The Buddhist art of India, absorbed, assimilated and recreated by Chinese artists and folk craftsmen, was gradually evolved into the Buddhist art of distinguished Chinese characteristics.

Source: http://www.chinatravel.ws