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The Magic Stone factory is located in Huian - The Stone Carving Town of China. No matter man or woman, almost every local people of Huian can make fancy carvings. That’s the reason why every worker who works in Magic Stone is highly skilled and experienced. Some exquisite craftsmanship was developed by their elder generations and continues to this today.

We specialize in making various sizes of granite and marble carving products, especially professional in produing small stone owl sculptures and animal carving ornaments. One discarded stone, after touching and turning over in their hands, will magically change into one natural and lifelike carving. Many clients speak highly of our stone carvings as 'magic stone', that's the reason why we use 'Magic Stone' as our brand. As you can see, every product contains Chinese folk carving art, showing the determination of native carvers to inherit and develop Chinese traditional sculpture culture through the centuries.

After many years development, Magic Stone can supply wide range of natural stone carvings and sculptures, include all kinds of animal sculpture, owl sculpture, human statue, stone table, chair and bench, stone water feature, garden fountain, granite lantern, abstract carving, stone ornament and garden landscape, etc.

We are blessed to serve customers throughout the world. Our products are suitable for individual home and garden as well as for commercial projects such as parks, public piazzas, scenic regions, vacation areas, etc.

Sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to visit our factory! What you can get from Magic Stone will be more than a Magic Stone Sculpture. You will know it's a good choice to inquire us.

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Processing of Carving

1. Designing

Carvers sketch lots of ideas and choose the best one to develop. Sometimes, carvers also make specific designs according to the shape of specific stone. Most ideas spring from carvers' imagination. Inspiration also comes from classic carton designs and children's picture booklets. For example, a number of our stone animal sculptures were designed in this manner.

Specifically, customer suggestions and requests have sparked some great designs, resulting in some of my favorite carvings. The design process continues all the way through the carving and finishing procedure.

2. Choosing the Right Stone

Stone choice for carving is a matter of personal preference and availability. Due to our factory being located close to China's largest production base of stone – Shui Tou, so we have great advantage to get various stone in order to meet customers' different preference of color.

Each stone has its special vein, color and shape. It is common that same types of products will look total different, even if they were made by the same material. For example, our rock stone owls are made from naturally occurring river cobbles, with a range of shapes, colors and textures, making each and every owl unique.

Choosing the right stone to carve the right design makes the final design come alive. Carvers will know they made a good choice when they hear “What a fantastic carving!”

3. Carving Process

There are many ways to carve. During work, they need to wear a dustproof respirator, gloves and special clothing. They make sculptures using a slicing machine, electric drill, polisher, etc. As workers carve they imagine the finished piece and keep removing stone to achieve that image.

Total time for carving process will depend on the complexity of the design. Usually, if more area needs to be polished, it will take more time to finish.

4. Improving Details

(1) If carvers make the sculptures by customized order, they need to check and amend details according to customer's drawing or pictures.

(2) Check the bottom of sculpture to see whether it is flat and can be firmly free standing.

(3) Check if products have the inside hole . For example, garden lanterns, the hole needs to be perforated for electric line.

(4) Clear the glue, chalk mark, and wash the dirt.

5. Finished Product

Wow, look! One block of stone has become a piece of art. What a magic stone sculpture!

magic stone sculpture