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Magic Stone Industry Co., Ltd is one of the only handmade terracotta tiles and fire clay bricks. Our main products are made from excellent raw clay materials, and one-time burned in the high temperature. Magic Stone has exported handmade terracotta tiles and fire clay bricks to many Europe Countries for many years. Our clay pavers andterracotta bricks are ideal for numerous applications such as landscaping, driveways, footpath, playground, pedestrian malls, etc 

Handmade Terracotta Tile 

Advantages with Terracotta Tiles are the relatively durability, versatile, looks better with age, warm and inviting underfoot, water, allergen and bacteria resistant, inexpensive low maintenance. Terracotta flooring tile is among the most versatile type of floor tile on the market today. They are made primarily of clay and they add beauty and warmth to any room. For this reason they are a favorite among homeowners. Add to this the fact that terracotta tile flooring often looks better as it ages! Terracotta tiles come in all shapes and sizes. Terracotta tiles are also versatile and durable enough to be used outdoors, on patios and driveways.

 Terracotta has been used throughout history for sculpture and pottery, as well as bricks and roof shingles. In ancient times, the first clay sculptures were dried (baked) in the sun after being formed. Later, they were placed in the ashes of open hearths to harden, and finally kilns were used, similar to those used for pottery today. However only after firing to high temperature would it be classed as a ceramic material. Terracotta tiles are made out of fired clay. No twoterracotta tile floors look exactly alike. Color ranges from a light honey color to a deep red/brown.

 Fire Clay Brick

Magic Stone''s Fire Clay Pavers are hard and durable, low maintenance and long lasting. With our clay bricks, a variety of patterns can be created to reflect contrast or unity. Use our clay pavers on sidewalks, streets, patios or pool decks. Clay bricks and clay pavers are made from the finest clays and shales, fired to extra high temperature in our factory under the most stringent quality control. Clay bricks from Magic Stone represent high standard for quality and reliability that you can trust. You can create your own pattern/design with all the pavers we have from a wide spectrum of colors and styles. Our fire clay bricks can enhance the curbside appeal of any home.


If you are looking for Chinese supplier for handmade terracotta tiles or fire clay bricks, here Magic Stone is the right choice. We sincerely invite customers and friends into business relations.